Platformer is a very simple game, but with all the new additions (and my discovery that some people, notably my robotics team, struggle with it), I have decided to put together this simple, CSS-based about page. (The challenge is no-JS because I write a lot of JS already and want to be less dependent on it).

I've prepared a file folder of sorts for Platformer information:

In Platformer, you begin playing by loading the page, choosing a game (Default is already there, you can create new games with the button on the bottom right), and clicking Play. Your current phase will be saved every time you advance.

Wait, what's a phase?

A phase is a collection of levels. You can choose whatever level to play in that phase, but you must beat every level to progress.

Hold on, how do I actually play?

You use the arrow keys. When you see little tan blocks, put your mouse on them and you'll see more instructions.
  1. Get all coins on that first Bat in Training: Jump down on the side with a step and move through the forcewall until you get the coin. If you do it right, you won't wake the Bat, then you can use the step to go to the other side and grab the coin in the same way!
  2. Not get killed in Tiny Maze when you go for every coin: Every enemy stops one block away from the respective coin, so just grab the coin and stay in that area to survive. Remember, if there's space between the player and the edge, the lava can hit you!

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