Tyler and Grant's Not Art Gallery

A gallery for stuff that isn't art.

This ridiculous idea began when I (Tyler Clarke, author + artist of LinuxRocks2000) sent Jakson Vermillion (alias Grant Rajesh, of 1000D) some pieces of "art" I'd made in GIMP that were distinctly mocking modern art. He suggested I set up a website, so I did, and now you have your monstrosity here.

This is a no-judgement, no-expectations art form. We're putting anything here, so while this website will remain child-appropriate, it may not be child-accessible (we don't care if kids nod their heads knowingly and pass out for confusion when they read it).

(And, honestly, it's probably gonna be adult members of society who can't get what this is all about).

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Site designed and developed by Tyler Clarke
Art by Tyler Clarke, Jakson Vermillion, and others
Initial idea by Jakson Vermillion

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